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The Center of Metaphysical Christianity

The Center of Metaphysical Christianity™ is a Hybrid Christianity™ that is an integration of mainstream Christianity, New Thought faith traditions, and science. It takes mainstream Christianity back to its metaphysical and mystical roots. It is a highly integrative treatment of the various New Thought faith traditions that have sprung up over the religious landscape over the past 200 years. It incorporates the latest findings of scientific disciplines such as epigenetics, quantum physics, neurobiology, evolutionary virology, molecular biology, and positive psychology to amplify spiritual truths.

The Center of Metaphysical Christianity™ uses metaphysical, esoteric, and scientific perspectives to interpret sacred writings to move scripture from its limited literal perspectives to its deeper, more universal meanings. In that sense, The Center of Metaphysical Christianity™ is more spiritual than religious in its efforts to provide a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity.

Our hybrid treatment of scripture is for those who have outgrown mainstream Christianity and yet recognize its intrinsic worth. It is for those who believe there is more to sacred scripture than its literal interpretations which have led to denominational exclusivity, dogmatic rigidity, and religious stigmatism.

The Center of Metaphysical Christianity™ values:

  • Open inquiry over parochial close-mindedness,
  • Spiritual clarity instead of religious myopia,
  • Lifelong spiritual growth over stagnant religious dogma,
  • Transcendental neuro-theology instead of the embedded theology most of us grew up with as children,
  • Inclusivity rather than exclusivity,
  • The marriage between science and spirituality instead of the longstanding and unnecessary religious rift between them,
  • Metaphysical ‘aikido’ over religious hot buttons,
  • A spirituality based on original blessing instead of original sin, and
  • An expanded spiritual consciousness over bottled-up religious myopia.

The Bible is our chief spiritual text and the teachings of the Christ as Jesus are our chief Christian-centered curriculum. We also honor the other major faith traditions, adopting the best practices from each. We see the Bible as the story of humankind’s evolving spiritual consciousness and each person, place, thing, and event referred to in scripture as qualities and characteristics within us.

All of our metaphysical perspectives are intended to help those interested in their own spiritual growth to connect with the innermost level of their being which is their Christ Self, their Authentic Self, their SuperSelf™. Our intent is to help deepen your Christian experience by discovering the hidden wisdom that underwrites all literal interpretations of scripture.

If the 'spiritual you' is nudging the 'religious you' to awaken to the hidden truths buried in the Bible we believe you will find our hybrid Christianity a fascinating stop on your path toward enlightenment.