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How We Define Metaphysical Interpretation

We feel it is important for you to know how we define ‘metaphysical interpretation’ so you can feel at ease with what you will learn from this site.

For us, a metaphysical interpretation of ANYTHING means seeing people, places, things, and events that happen ‘out there’ as human and spiritual qualities, talents, and abilities – as well as faults – within us.

From a metaphysical perspective, people and events, animals, cities, and locations are all aspects and qualities within us. Metaphysical Bible interpretation takes Biblical stories and events beyond their literal interpretation by providing more allegorical, esoteric, and metaphorical perspectives to uncover the hidden wisdom and spiritual teachings contained therein. We hope you will find these translations meaningful, stimulating, and enlightening.

For example:

  • House (big, small, brick, shingle, etc.) is interpreted metaphysically as symbolizing our consciousness.

  • Feet generally represent intellectual understanding.

  • A cornhusk represents the human personality.

  • Children symbolize divine ideas.

  • Darkness represents the unawareness of our divine nature.

  • Nations symbolize major belief systems.

  • Parents generally mean foundational thoughts.

So, you see, metaphysical symbolism considers everything in the material world as qualities, aspects, and characteristics within us.

The educational value of such a perspective means that you can begin to see that you are a wonderfully designed human being who has the ability to make wise choices and use your innate talents and skills to a live happy, healthy, and prosperous life ... and you truly can walk the spiritual path on practical feet!


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