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The Gospel of John: New Metaphysical Version

John's Gospel is in a class all by itself, whether it's interpreted literally or metaphysically. The writer of John's Gospel sees Jesus as a contrarian, one who speaks against the prevailing Jewish traditions. He depicts Jesus as the Christ, as equated with God even from the beginning of time. Jesus' deity is the author's central theme.

John's Gospel is the perfect launch site for a marriage between New Thought Bible study and more traditional literally-focused Bible study; between science and spirituality and dogmatic religion; between original sin theology and original blessing theology. We think you'll agree with that assessment after an open-minded study of this metaphysical interpretation.

Metaphysically, John's Gospel offers incredible insights into the complementary nature of quantum physics and the neurosciences as they relate to our spiritual growth and development. This expanded metaphysical view of Jesus, Christ, Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus broadens theological perspectives of deity and concretizes our special place in the cosmos, especially as it relates to our indivisible relationship with the Only Begotten Son of God.

You will want to fasten your seatbelt before you study this metaphysical rendering of John's Gospel.


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Table of Contents:

To Students of Truth

Chapter One

  • The Word Becomes Flesh
  • Our John the Baptizer Provisional Awareness
  • The Baptizer Affidavit
  • The Spotless Lamb of God
  • Inaugurating Our Spiritual Powers

Chapter Two

  • The Wedding in Cana
  • Our Predictable Chemicalization
  • Upgrading Our Consciousness

Chapter Three

  • Nicodemusian Obstetics
  • The Only Way to Eternal Life
  • The Presence of the Indwelling Cosmic Christ
  • Bridling the Intellect
  • Christship Through Karmic Matriculation

Chapter Four

  • A Samaritan Moment
  • Spiritual Soil
  • Capitalizing on a Samaritan Moment
  • Bookmarking Our Faith With Action

Chapter Five

  • Our Anemic Bethesdaic Awkwardness
  • Our Eternal Heirship Recognized
  • Spiritual Attunement or Atrophy

Chapter Six

  • Transforming the Five Senses (Feeding the 5000)
  • Walking on Water
  • The Bread of Life
  • Moving From Sense Appetites to Spiritual Aspirations

Chapter Seven

  • The Undertone of Unbelief
  • Removing Error From Our Consciousness
  • The Limitations of a ‘Skin School’ Perspective
  • Handcuffed By a Warped Religiosity
  • The Cleansing Power of Christed Thought Currents
  • Sorting Out Our Divine Genogram

Chapter Eight

  • The Hypocrisy Associated With Unspiritualized Thoughts
  • A Theological ‘San Andreas Fault’
  • Orphaning Ourselves From Our Divinity
  • Thwarting the Expression of Our Christ Potential

Chapter Nine

  • Horizontally Slanted and Vertically Challenged

Chapter Ten

  • We Are Shepherded by Our I Am Connection
  • Christed Actions Come From a Christed Consciousness

Chapter Eleven

  • Our Lazarus Legacy
  • The Gyrations of a Materially-Fixated Consciousness

Chapter Twelve

  • Our Love For the Truth Bathes Us in Understanding
  • The Urge to Resist Recharging Our Spiritual Batteries
  • Our Blossoming Christ Potential
  • From Mind Auction to Mind Action
  • Realizing Our Christ Potential or Rationing It
  • Pre-Christed Snapshot
  • The Omnipresent Ground of Being

Chapter Thirteen

  • When Our Consciousness is Bathed in Spiritual Understanding
  • Truncating Our Spiritual Growth
  • Our Newly Acquired Monistic Awareness

Chapter Fourteen

  • The Way, the Truth, and the Life
  • The Powerful Omniactivity of the Holy Spirit

Chapter Fifteen

  • Our Christ Self, the True Vine
  • It Doesn’t Make Sense to Deny Our Innate Divinity

Chapter Sixteen

  • Our Sense-corrupted Thoughts and Beliefs Must Go
  • The Holy Spirit’s Sushumnic Effect
  • Less Lag Time More Real Time
  • No More Need For Involution or Evolution

Chapter Seventeen

  • We Must See Jesus as the Perfect Example, Not the Great Exception
  • Enfiring Our Thoughts, Words, and Actions
  • We Are Christed at Our Core

Chapter Eighteen

  • The Acoustics of Betrayal
  • A Treacherous Sense-Entranced Ego
  • We Must Prime Our Unprimed Faith
  • The Harshness of a Dogmatic Perspective
  • Denying Our Christ Connection
  • Choosing to Align or Rebel Against Our Christ Nature

Chapter Nineteen

  • When Our Egocentric World View Twists the Truth
  • Crossing Out Error in All Three Planes of Consciousness
  • Mastering Our Incarnational ‘Calling’
  • The Quiet Roar of Enlightenment

Chapter Twenty

  • The Theodynamics of Our Resurrection Potential
  • Our Devotion to the Truth Electrifies Us
  • Over-Coming the Staining Effects of Error
  • Turning a Petulant Intellect Into Cosmic Intelligence

Chapter Twenty-One

  • Achieving Complete Harmony With the Trinity of Trinities
  • Out-Growing an Immature Faith and In-Growing a Full Throttle One
  • The Quantum Legacy of Our Incarnational ‘Stories’



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