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Making the Bible Practical Through an Expanded Perspective


The Gospel of Luke: New Metaphysical Version

The conventional telling of Luke's Gospel begins with the angel Gabriel announcing the birth of John the Baptizer and ends with the Emmaus Road experience and Jesus' ascension. Luke's Gospel, with its healing focus, presents Jesus' compassion, humility, and ability to cure the human condition of its ills and attachments.

In this metaphysical treatment of Luke's Gospel, you will discover there is also a medicinal tone to the interpretation. The wattage of healing, or 'wholing' as it is seen metaphysically, will take you into the worlds of science and spirituality as the chief sources of our body, mind, and soul connection.

The metaphysics of Luke's Gospel will help you leap over leprous thoughts, discover the medicinal qualities of faith, move beyond any form of spiritual subluxation, discover the power of spiritual orthopedics, see through the pathological consequences of continued error, and enjoy the physiology of enlightenment.


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Table of Contents:

To Students of Truth

Chapter One

  • Dedication to Spiritual Unity
  • Our Zechariahic Muteness
  • The Awakening of Our Christ Potential Is Foretold
  • When the Human Soul Feels a Spiritual Kick
  • Celebrating the Eternal Isness Within Us
  • The Birth of Our High Intellectual Perception of Truth
  • Our Prophetic Proclivities

Chapter Two

  • The Birth of Our Indwelling Christ Awareness
  • Spiritual Thoughts and Insights
  • Taking On the Nature of Our Christ Potential
  • Our Christ Potential Incarnates As Us
  • Centering Our Thoughts on Our Christ Self
  • Our Christ Potential Seeks Greater Expression

Chapter Three

  • Spiritual Discernment Through A More Enlightened Intellect
  • The Baptizing Power of Spirit
  • The Genealogy of Our Spiritual Awakening

Chapter Four

  • Tempting the Incarnated Word Expressed as Our Christ Potential
  • Beginning Our Journey to Christize Our Subconscious
  • Failing to Honor Our Christ Potential
  • Dissipating False Beliefs
  • The Medicinal Qualities of Faith
  • The Incontrovertible Truth About Us

Chapter Five

  • Quickening Our Spiritual Powers
  • Cleansing Leprous Thoughts From Our Consciousness
  • Healing Our Spiritual Subluxation
  • From Coma Consciousness to Christ Awareness
  • Therapeutic Fasting

Chapter Six

  • A Permanent Sabbath Experience
  • A Sabbatically-Inclined Consciousness
  • Our Twelve Apostolic Spiritual Powers
  • The Medicinal Nature of Our Christ Potential
  • Blessings and Woes
  • Love Is the Great Harmonizer and Healer
  • Judging Others
  • A Tree and Its Fruit
  • A Polarity of Perspectives

Chapter Seven

  • Attuning Our Will With Divine Will
  • Our Nainian Connection With Spirit
  • Our Intellect’s Learning Curve
  • The Rarified Power of Unadulterated Love

Chapter Eight

  • The Power of Our Feeling Nature
  • Parable of the Sower
  • The Purpose of Parables
  • The Parable of the Sower Explained
  • Leaving Lamps Under Jars
  • The Genealogy of Spirit
  • Calming Emotional Storms
  • From Gerasenic Demonics to Gerasenic Harmonics
  • A Jairus Moment and a Hem Touched

Chapter Nine

  • Our Mission Is to Outgrow Error
  • The Senselessness of Our Herodian Nature
  • Feeding the Five Thousand
  • A Mature Faith Is a Prerequisite For Our Christhood
  • Actualizing Our Divine Connection
  • Transfiguration Logistics
  • Transcending Our Penchant for Error
  • Defrauding Our Spirituality
  • The Least is the Greatest and the Greatest is the Least
  • Exorcising Error is Exercising Prudence
  • A Samaritan Concoction
  • Lukewarm Spirituality is Jack-in-the-Box Duality

Chapter Ten

  • Growing Into Our Christhood
  • Woes Associated With Incorrigible Belief Systems
  • When Our Consciousness Unites With Christ Consciousness
  • Rejoicing in Our Indivisibilized Connection With the Christ at the Point of Us
  • The Constancy of Christ Consciousness
  • Our Samaritan Dispensation
  • Merging Service With Spirit

Chapter Eleven

  • Communing With Our I-Am-ness [The Lord’s Prayer]
  • Spiritual Attitudes or Intellectual Platitudes
  • Beelzebubic Doubts
  • The Pathology of False Beliefs
  • Spiritual Orthopedics
  • The Enigmas of a Jonahic Mentality
  • A Christed Consciousness
  • We Cannot Fake Our Way to Enlightenment

Chapter Twelve

  • The Centrifugal Force of Hypocrisy
  • The Temporal Velocity of Secular Thoughts
  • Seduced by Syrupy Sense Traps
  • From a Skin School Perspective to a Christed Perspective
  • Standing in the Integrity of Our Truth Walk
  • Attuning Ourselves to Our Christship
  • Christ Consciousness or Fibrillated Folly
  • Sense Dissonance and Sense Silt
  • The Pitfalls of a Ceramic Consciousness
  • Handcuffing Our Spiritual Progress

Chapter Thirteen

  • Expunging Error From Our Consciousness
  • Tending to Our Enlightenment
  • Ailing Thoughts Lead to Ailing Alignments
  • The Parable of the Mustard Seed
  • The Parable of the Yeast
  • The Christ Perspective
  • Suppressing Our Christ Potential

Chapter Fourteen

  • The Nuances of a Sabbath Experience
  • Unfoldment Characterized by Humility
  • The Parable of the Great Banquet
  • The Choice Between Spiritual Arrhythmia or Spiritual Growth
  • Preserving the Status Quo

Chapter Fifteen

  • The Parable of the Lost Sheep
  • The Parable of the Lost Coin
  • Prodigal Son, Prodigal Thoughts

Chapter Sixteen

  • Parable of Squandering Our True Riches
  • The Danger of Short-Circuiting Our Spiritual Growth
  • Restoring Ourselves to Wholeness

Chapter Seventeen

  • Millstone Movement
  • Giving Up the False for the True
  • Mustard Seed-Sized Faith-lifts
  • Disciplined Spiritual Practice
  • Healing Is Wholing
  • Kingdom Come or Kingdom Delayed

Chapter Eighteen

  • The Dance Between the Unspiritualized Intellect and a Territorial Ego
  • The Difference Between Secular and Material Bents
  • All Christ-Centered Ideas Are Prosperity Conduits
  • Our Unhealthy Materialistic Attachments
  • Divinely Ordering Our Indivisible Christ Connection
  • Our Bartimaeic Stigmatism Healed

Chapter Nineteen

  • Putting Our Consumptive Bents in Their Places
  • Attaining Our Most Perfect Nature
  • Entering That Place of Abiding Peace
  • A Place of Peace or a Hovel of Sorrow
  • Our Inevitable Chemicalization

Chapter Twenty

  • A Clueless Ego Remains Clueless
  • A Parable of Our Evolving Consciousness
  • Our Taxing Pharisaical Bents
  • Resurrecting the Christ Standard
  • God’s Love Expressing As Us
  • The Band -Width of Our Truth Walk

Chapter Twenty-One

  • A Widow’s Might
  • The Chemicalization of Our Coma Consciousness
  • When We Lose Touch With That Place of Abiding Peace
  • The Wattage of Redemption
  • The Physiology of Enlightenment
  • Our Christhood May Be Closer Than We Think

Chapter Twenty-Two

  • The Pathological Consequence of Material Dross
  • Our Graduation From Worldliness
  • A Transfusion In Consciousness
  • The Least of the Greatest and the Greatest of the Least
  • Flukes In Our Faith Are Predictable
  • Transforming the Material Into the Spiritual
  • An Olivet Experience
  • Worldly Scruples or Spiritual Gumption
  • The Dregs of Denying Our Divinity
  • Making a Mockery Out of Our Spiritual Potential
  • Our Christ Individuality Revealed

Chapter Twenty-Three

  • Our Carnal Mind Seeks Material Answers to Spiritual Questions
  • From Our Pilatean Willfulness to Our Herodic Egocentrism
  • Unburdening Our Sense-Burdened Willfulness
  • Demonstrating the Fullness of Our Christ Potential by Crossing Out Error
  • The Harmonic Convergence of the ‘Old Us’ Into the ‘New Us’
  • From Pre-Christed to Fully Christed

Chapter Twenty-Four

  • Our Resurrection Radius
  • The Moment We Actualize Our Christhood
  • Acclimating to Our Christhood
  • Mastering Our Unfoldment



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