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The Gospel of Mark: New Metaphysical Version

The traditional, more literally interpreted versions of Mark's Gospel focus more on the story about Jesus and less on his actual teachings, per se. Traditional versions begin with Jesus' baptism by John and conclude with Jesus' resurrection and ascension. Mark's Gospel presents Jesus as a somewhat secretive and mysterious figure, one who instructs those he helps not to tell others about the healings. There seems to be a messianic foundation underwriting Jesus' teachings.

Metaphysically, this 'messianic secretiveness' is revealed and has such profound implications for Christianity that the continued relevance and sustainability of literal Christianity has been called into question.

Reading the metaphysical treatment of Mark is advanced Bible study and requires - no, demands - an open and inquiring mind, a thirst for the hidden truths contained in Mark's Gospel, and a willingness to be completely and utterly transformed.


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Table of Contents:

To Students of Truth

Chapter One

  • Our Quickened Intellect
  • The Baptizing Power of the Word
  • The Temptation to Deny Our Christ Potential
  • Purposefully Retreating Forward
  • Quickening Four Key Spiritual Powers
  • Dissipating Our False Beliefs
  • The Power of Faith
  • Emancipating Our Subconsciousness
  • Cleansing Leprous Thoughts

Chapter Two

  • Moving Beyond Spiritual Subluxation
  • From Coma Consciousness to Christ Consciousness
  • A Consideration of Fasting
  • Observing the Sabbath Day

Chapter Three

  • Taking a Sabbatical From material Appetites
  • When Discordant Thoughts Appear
  • Our Twelve Apostolic Powers
  • Our Beelzebulic Tendencies
  • The Genealogy of Spirit

Chapter Four

  • The Parable of the Sower
  • The Purpose of Parables
  • Leaving Lamps Under Bushel Baskets
  • The Parable of the Growning Seeds
  • The Parable of the Mustard Seed
  • The Dynamics of Parables
  • Calming Emotional Storms

Chapter Five

  • From Gadarene Demonics to Gadarene Harmonics
  • A Jairus Moment and a Hem Touched

Chapter Six

  • Rejecting Our Christ Qualities
  • Our Mission Is to Outgrow Error
  • Our John the Baptizer Quality Nertralized
  • The Feeding of the Five Thousand
  • Walking on Water
  • A Gennesaret Experience

Chapter Seven

  • Status Quo Without Soul
  • A Syrophoenician Perspective
  • Curing Deafening Unreceptivity

Chapter Eight

  • Satisfying Four Thousand Concerns
  • A Dalmanuthaian dilemma
  • Yeasty Thoughts
  • Bethsaida Dynamics
  • A Mature Faith Is a Prerequisite for our Christhood
  • Resurrecting Our Divine Connection

Chapter Nine

  • Transfiguration
  • The Coming and Maturing of Our Elijahness
  • Transcending Our Error-Proneness
  • Re-Causing Our Experience
  • The Leat of thet Greatest and the Greatest of the Least
  • Exorcising Error From Our Consciousness
  • The Unquenchable Fire

Chapter Ten

  • Adulterating Our Spirituality
  • All Christ-Centered Ideas Are Blessed
  • Our Materialistic Bents
  • Divine Order Divinely Ordered
  • Human Ambition vs. Spiritual Aspiration
  • Our Bartimaeic Astigmatism Healed

Chapter Eleven

  • Entering that Place of Abiding Peace Within
  • Cursing Sterile States of Mind
  • Our Inevitable Chemicalization
  • Error Withers in Light of Spiritual Understanding
  • A Clueless Ego Remains Clueless

Chapter Twelve

  • The Parable of Our Evolving Consciousness
  • Our Taxing Pharisaical andHerodian Bents
  • Resurrecting the Divine Standard
  • The Two Greatest Avenues Toward Christhood
  • God's Love Reflected As Us
  • The PItfalls of Our Scribal Nature
  • Spiritual Poverty

Chapter Thirteen

  • The Chemicalization of Our Coma Consciousness
  • Sense Sludge Removed
  • The Senselessness of Sense Appetites
  • The Wattage and Amperage of Spirit
  • A Consciousness of Abundance
  • Our Christhood May Be Closer Than We Think

Chapter Fourteen

  • Plotting a Spiritual Lobotmy
  • An Alabaster Experience
  • Our Misguided Judas Quality
  • Our Christed Cusp of Consciousness
  • The External 'Suppering' of Spirit
  • Our Free-Fall From Grace
  • Our Gethsemane Experience
  • Spiritual Scruples or Spiritual Gumption
  • Spiritual Limbo Spirited Away
  • Denying Our Divinity

Chapter Fifteen

  • Our Carnal Mind Seeks Spiritual Answers to Material Questions
  • Messiahing or Rebelling
  • Making a Mockery Out of Ourselves
  • Crossing Out Error and Duality
  • Gaining Immortality
  • The Gateway to Eternal Life

Chapter Sixteen

  • The Restorative Power of the Resurrection Experience
  • The Magdalene Effect
  • When Potential becomes Actualized
  • Commissioning Our Consciousness for Christhood
  • Ascended Mastery



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