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Spiritual Growth Products - Pamphlets & Study Guides

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If you are a minister, teacher, or small group leader, you will love these powerful pamphlet study guides. As you focus on a specific major story in one of the Gospels, you have a handy pamphlet that contains a verse-by-verse metaphysical interpretation as a handout for each participant or congregant, which serves as both a handy in-class reference and a powerful reminder of the teaching.

We feel it is important for you to know how we define ‘metaphysical interpretation’ so you can feel at ease with what you will learn from this site. For your ease, we have created a special page that provides detailed information.

How can you use the pamphlets?

  1. We invite you to consult your favorite Bible translation that corresponds to the story captured in a specific pamphlet listed in this archive. You might even want to share a variety of versions.
  2. Read your translation and then compare it to the metaphysical perspective contained in the corresponding pamphlet. Although the content of traditional scriptural passages varies slightly, depending on the translation, the metaphysical message is designed to align with your translation verse-by-verse.
  3. Lead the group in a discussion of what the metaphysical interpretation means to them, and how they can apply it in their every-day lives.

When can you use these pamphlets?

  • study guides for Sunday services
  • Bible study classes,
  • private study,
  • meditation, and
  • daily readings.

You will find that we have provided both wings and landing gears with these metaphysical renderings so that they are both practical and down to earth. We have opted for understandability and clarity instead of loftiness and vagueness in offering these metaphysical perspectives.

We believe this metaphysical journey will provide you and your ‘classmates’ with many hours of introspection, spiritual growth, and enjoyment – as well as a deeper appreciation for the hidden truths contained in Biblical passages.